An expert in the industry

Adam Richard Seger is working on his first book that discusses his "drink like we eat" philosophy.

Adam Seger was named Time Out Chicago’s Best Mixologist in 2008 and was also featured in GQ and Newcity Chicago.

Adam Richard Seger claims that he has the ingredient obsession of a chef and the distinguished palate of the wonkiest wine geek.

Adam Seger
Adam Seger
Adam Seger
Adam Seger

Adam Richard Seger has spent a lifetime in hospitality, flavor, and teaching.

In the “drink like we eat” philosophy, Adam Richard Seger shares his know-how to provide readers with resources for those who want to master making and serving culinary cocktails.


Every aspect of the dining experience should excite the customers.

Adam Seger has dedicated his life to food, beverage, hospitality, and teaching. As an expert in the field of hospitality, he shares that food and drink should be served with delight.

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Adam Seger

People skills are important in the industry.

Adam Richard Seger has trained many professionals in the food, beverage, taste, and hospitality industries. As someone passionate about food and drink, he understands more than anyone that preparation and customer service are just as important as providing guests with excellent food and drink. 

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Adam SegerAdam SegerAdam Seger