Food and Beverage: Following the “Drink Like We Eat” Philosophy

Adam Seger: Certified Culinary Professional

Adam Richard Seger has spent a lifetime in hospitality, flavor, and teaching.  He graduated from the Cornell Hotel School and worked in Michelin-starred restaurants such as Chez Julien in Strasbourg, TRU in Chicago, and The French Laundry in Napa Valley.  He is working on his first book Whet: Drink Like You Eat.  On this site, the renowned mixologist and farm-to-bar trailblazer aims to impart what he has learned through the years in the field.  His goal is to come up with an inspiring and creative drink recipe book that will lead people to enjoy their drinks as much as they do with their food. 

In the “drink like we eat” philosophy, Adam Richard Seger shares his know-how to provide readers with resources for those who want to master making and serving culinary cocktails.  He advises lovers of food and drink to consider how they treat food.  The expert will share an introduction on seasonally focused culinary cocktail recipes through pro but doable techniques.  Adam Seger aims to remove the barriers between the bar and the kitchen to show people that they can do more with their drinks, as with their food.  He will show how to make juices, liquor infusions, spice mix rim garnishes, vermouth, cocktail bitters, and cured fruit as well as recipes that will truly show the connection and the joy in pairing food and drink. 

Many books have been written about making and enjoying food.  There are also countless narratives connecting food with history, memory, culture, tradition, and even personal stories.  Adam Richard Seger’s Whet project will bring drink history and journalistic profiling to the forefront by featuring the best spirit artisans, boutique liquor workers, and produce vendors to help mixologists use only the best ingredients for their special, crafted drinks.  Bringing all these textual, visual, and taste elements together will inspire people to truly savor their drinks. 

Adam Richard Seger wants everyone to enjoy preparing and drinking their beverages.  As he shares what he is passionate about, he likewise wants his readers to find the pleasure in creating a good drink like they do when they cook.  By drawing from the usual cocktail menu, he wants to share how these drinks can be made better with seasonal, responsibly grown, fresh, and high-quality ingredients.   Creating great drinks requires skill but, with the guidance of a good mixologist, one will eventually gain the expertise to serve drinks that will truly wow people.