Adam Seger: Certified Culinary Professional

Adam Richard Seger has trained many professionals in the food, beverage, taste, and hospitality industries.  As someone passionate about food and drink, he understands more than anyone that preparation and customer service are just as important as providing guests with excellent food and drink.  As a teacher, trainer, Certified Culinary Professional, and Advanced Sommelier, he believes that educating people working in the hospitality and taste industries is essential to provide the best services to their guests. 

In teaching the staff, it’s important to show them the value of practicing empathy to the customers.  More than showing them what they need to order or just going with recommendations, those working in the hospitality and food industries should be able to have the confidence to ask their customers what they like.  To do this, one must be sincere and engaging so that the people they serve will feel comfortable around them.  Adam Richard Seger says that a good server can contribute to the memorable dining experience of guests.  And when these people think about their favorite restaurants, it’s impossible to leave out their pleasant experience with the staff.  Food and drink become more special when people feel that they are given excellent treatment.  Their experience at a bar or a restaurant leaves a good memory that encourages them to come back. 

People skills are important in the industry.  This is why it’s also important to teach workers how to request and handle feedback.  The staff’s understanding of customers should be advanced, and they should always strive to provide nothing but the best service. 

Adam Richard Seger says the continuous honing of technical skills is needed, too.  For chefs and mixologists, regular training allows them to update their know-how since the industry is always progressing.  For mixologists, upgrading well-loved drinks using fresh, seasonal, and high-quality ingredients will give customers a new experience.  It’s more than just simply mixing drinks.  It’s about creating a drink that people will enjoy and remember.   Training taste professionals on creating exquisite food and drink pairings will inspire them to come up with tasty meals that will become a favorite. 

Individual growth of those in the industry is essential.  However, one shouldn’t also miss out on building teamwork within kitchen staff and service staff.   When working in a bar or restaurant,  creating strong teamwork will help the staff become efficient as they strive to provide the best service to customers.  In the industry, giving these professionals the proper training is crucial to ensure growth for all involved.