Adam Seger: Certified Culinary Professional

Adam Richard Seger earned his CCP, Certified Culinary Professional, from The International Association of Culinary Professionals and his Advanced Sommelier accreditation from The Court of Master Sommeliers.  As a pioneer of the farm-to-bar movement, he has created and curated cocktail and beverage features for both fundraisers and the openings of major exhibits for The Art Institute of Chicago and, most recently, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  He was dubbed as a “Spirits Guru” by Food and Wine Magazine and is a foremost visionary mixologist in the US. 

An expert in the industry, Adam Richard Seger claims that he has the ingredient obsession of a chef and the distinguished palate of the wonkiest wine geek.  He was named Time Out Chicago’s Best Mixologist in 2008 and was also featured in GQ and Newcity Chicago.  Having spent many years training and working alongside the world’s best chefs and sommeliers, he has gained expertise in the food and beverage industry.  He also understands the hospitality side of the industry.  Because of this, he shares his know-how with fellow professionals in the industry by teaching them the necessary skills so that they’ll be able to grow in their own careers.  His passion for teaching has helped others jumpstart their own careers as chefs, bartenders, and service providers.

As someone passionate about food and drink, Adam Richard Seger believes that the dining experience goes beyond taste.  While people deserve nothing but the best food and drink, they should also be hosted in a place that makes them feel comfortable.  From the moment they enter a bar or a restaurant, they should be made to feel that they are in the right place at the right time.  It is the responsibility of the staff to make them feel that they are the top priority.   The menu, atmosphere, service, and even the interiors all play a crucial part in creating a memorable and pleasurable dining experience. 

At present, Adam Richard Seger is working on his first book that discusses his “drink like we eat” philosophy.  With his years of experience as a mixologist and culinary professional, he encourages bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts to do more with their beverages.  From sourcing to adding fresh ingredients, he inspires others to be creative, even with classic mixes.  There’s so much one can do with a cocktail.  All it takes is an awareness that one can enjoy their drinks like how they enjoy their food.  With his philosophy, he wants his readers to explore each flavor, each ingredient, and each spirit so that people will find more delight in their beverages.  The renowned mixologist shares that the narratives and recipes he will impart in his book and on this site are for those who truly enjoy food and drink.  Whether they are beginners or expert bartenders, the goal is to help them do more with what they already know.