Adam Seger: Certified Culinary Professional

Adam Richard Seger is a Certified Culinary Professional and has an Advanced Sommelier accreditation.  He has dedicated his life to food, beverage, hospitality, and teaching.   As an expert in the field of hospitality, he shares that food and drink should be served with delight.  From the moment customers enter a restaurant or a bar, they should be able to feel welcome.  The anticipation for excellent meals and beverages should be met with enthusiasm by the servers, bartenders, and chefs.  In the industry, making people feel valued is always the top priority.

Every aspect of the dining experience should excite the customers.  When presenting the menu, servers have the task of giving good recommendations to the diners.  They must be able to explain well each item on the menu and make the customers look forward to their meal.  As someone who has taught many professionals in the hospitality industry, Adam Richard Seger says that an inattentive server or bartender can ruin customers’ entire experience.  He shares that one must be sincere and present when they talk about the food and drinks that they serve.  The goal is to let others see how special the items on the menu are. 

Aside from getting people excited about their food and drink, those in the hospitality industry have the task of making diners feel relaxed.   While the meal and the drinks should be exceptional, the interiors, ambiance, and music should also match the mood. Because emergencies and misunderstandings are inevitable, the staff should remain calm even when they are under pressure.  This will also assure guests that the situation is under control.   Adam Richard Seger notes that psychologically, a meal and a drink taste better when people feel comfortable.  When people feel at home, they are more likely to enjoy their food, like how one usually feels when eating home-cooked meals.  In the hospitality industry, all senses must be engaged to bring joy to the people they serve. 

In a bar or a restaurant, the whole team must work in unity.  This ensures that customers will have consistent service during their visit.  According to Adam Richard Seger, the team must be proactive in getting the feedback of the customers.  Since the objective is to make sure all the visitors are treated well, communication is key.  While no customer is the same, the goal is always to deliver excellent service that everyone can come back to.  Whether or not the customer will return, the staff should provide them with the best service that they will remember for a long time.